Sunday, September 13, 2009

Balloon/Blimp (Tethered and Radio Controlled)

  • Very good, and stable platform for low and medium altitude.
  •  Payloads can be moderate in size depending on envelope size and lift capabilities.
  •  Safe to use.
  •  Envelope can be costly, and camera mounts would be similar to those used in kites.
  •  Helium can be a costly factor. It is typical of these platforms that the envelope must be deflated for    transport unless a dedicated trailer of appropriate size is used. Helium loss is typically 3% per day, so provision must be provided for topping off of inflation as needed.
  •  Positioning must of course be preplanned to insure optimal viewing angles by camera.
  •  On tethered platforms there is also the danger of a breakaway, even with modern high tech lines. Provision for automatic deflation is required in most cases by regulations.

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