Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mast/Tower/Lift (Ground based)

  •  Mast/Tower can be very effective for low level video and still photography.
  •  These methods can also lift the heaviest weights too, even ranging upwards of 100 lbs. or more. 
  •  Can be a good alternative if low level photos, special angles or views, or other requirements dictate the   need and expense associated with them
  •  Limited by law to less than 100 feet (in most places). The use of Lifts can fill many needs for assignment that might require photos or video from low to medium heights. Lifts are available (and these would include Cranes with man baskets) that can attain altitude of over 100' or more.
  •  Equipment can range from inexpensive to very expensive depending on final setup. Even to the point of using a purpose built custom vehicle to support the mast and equipment. These would be prohibitive to purchase as even small lifts can cost many thousands of dollars.
  •  Renting a Lift or Crane can also be costly, and may even require a dedicated operator that would add to cost per assignment too.

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